Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Scathing Rebuke of Anglicanism!

Just 2 questions:

(1) Wouldn't the clergyman in question, seeing as he is wearing purple, be a bishop? Not a vicar?

(2) Is it really possible to attack Anglicanism on the basis of being organised religion? That is a new thought.


Prester said...

Lord knows there's plenty to criticize about Anglicanism, not the least of which is its squishiness and lack of evangelistic fervor, but all the same, these folks are pharisees, moralists and busybodies (not to mention incorrect about the wine thing).

That shade of purple, by the way, is not Episcopal Purple, but (in our church anyway) sometimes worn by Deans. Still not vicars, of course, but priests at least.

Anglican Beach Party said...

Thanks ... I had not known that the different shades of purple (and magenta!) signified anything.

In some of the American gatherings of non-TEc bishops, I have seen quite a spectrum of purplish shirts.

I should probably study this a bit more.