Saturday, February 2, 2008

No longer Christian in any meaningful sense ...

Christopher Johnson's analysis of why the Episcopal religion is no longer Christian in any meaningful sense.


Douglas Bienert said...

My friend was a young priest in a continuing Anglican church and the ONLY priest at a Roman Catholic grade school.

The headmaster did some sort of earth goddess shit at a faculty retreat. She held a bowl of water and you were to come forward, speak over the water a gift you had to bring and than sprinkle your blessing about. He really did not want to do this and was really a very sharp and quick witted man of Irish decent. She knew he hated her and all of this nature-worship crap that has made its way into the church. She was relishing this moment of making him participate. He went forward. Looked her in the eye, dipped his fingers in the water, and said "I bring my incredible gift of tolerance." Then he sprinkled her in the face and walked away from the meeting. He found a row boat and, like Our Lord, when to get away from the masses in the middle of a lake.


PS: Its the Venerable Bean here (aka The IOP of Portland) I also started a blogspot when my LJ became littered with junk. I keep my blogspot for more serious thoughts on photography - and for a few snapshots and updates.

Anglican Beach Party said...

Thanks Doug (VB)!

It is always great to hear from you. Thanks for sharing that story; quick thinking on the part of your friend!

I think of you very often, and I send up a quick prayer. Are you still Anglican?

Much respect,

Douglas Bienert said...

Oh yes. Still Anglican. I think my parish web site link is listed on my blog page.

We just restored the wall under our baldacchino and darkened the colours. It finally (after almost 100 years) looks finished!

I'm also starting a new photo project that has a religious theme. I am hoping to photograph a girl as St. Agatha and then use it in a triptych. We'll see how it turns out. If its even half good, I will post it on my blog.

I loved the picture on your web site with the Bishop in a side car. That makes for either a great swear "sweet tap dancing bishop in a side car!" or a Smiths song, a follow up to "Vicar in a TuTu".